Protect the Earth 2010

For updates on this year’s Protect the Earth event, please visit Stand for the Land:

Protect the Earth 2010

3rd Annual Protect the Earth

Great Lakes Community Gathering

Fri., July 30, 1-9pm: KBOCC, Baraga

Workshop on the National Historic Preservation Act

Community Potluck Dinner

Featured Guests: Joanne Shenandoah & Winona LaDuke

Film Screening of Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action

Sat., July 31, 8:30am-5pm: Ojibwe Powwow Grounds, Baraga

Four Thunders Drum

Keynote speech by~ Winona LaDuke

Speakers on Environmental Issues & Mining

Evening Events, 5-10pm: KBOCC

Traditional Feast

~Protect the Earth Concert~

Featuring Joanne Shenandoah, Skip Jones & E

Sun., Aug. 1, 10:30-2pm: Clowry Trail, Yellow Dog Plains

Picnic by the Yellow Dog River

Annual Walk to Eagle Rock with Speakers & Music

Agenda & directions available at~

Contact or 715.550.0124

Hosted by Oshkinawe Ogichidaag Akiing “New Warriors for the Earth”

Sponsored by the Western Mining Action Network, Indigenous Environmental Network,

Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, Save the Wild UP, Keepers of the Water, NMU Center for

Native Studies, Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve, Yellow Dog Summer & the Stand for the Land

Event Held Supporting 560 Locked Out Rio Tinto Workers

From the Marquette, Michigan Mining Journal:

A small handful of participants turned out Monday night in Marquette for an event supporting the cause of about 560 U.S. Borax workers locked out of their jobs in southern California by Rio Tinto, the parent company of the Kennecott Eagle Minerals Company.

The event was organized by Yellow Dog Summer, an environmental group that opposes Kennecott’s proposed nickel and copper mine in northern Marquette County.

The Borax workers, represented by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 30, have been locked out since Jan. 31 after labor negotiations broke down with Rio Tinto. Continue reading

Event To Be Held Supporting Locked-Out Rio Tinto Borax Workers

Yellow Dog Summer will hold and event on February 15, at 7:00 pm, in the Chapel of Messiah Lutheran Church, located at 305 W. Magnetic St., Marquette, Michigan in support of the roughly 560 workers in the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 30 who were locked out of their jobs at Rio Tinto’s Borax mine, in southern California on January 31.

The event will feature informal speakers, a film showing and refreshments.

“With Rio Tinto trying to slip through the backdoor in our community, we must stand in solidarity with the Borax workers and demand that Rio Tinto finally make good on their claims to respect worker rights and labor laws wherever the company operates,” said Yellow Dog Summer organizer Teresa Bertossi. Continue reading

Protect the Earth 2009: Part 2, Walk to Eagle Rock

by Michelle Bourdieu

Marquette County, Michigan – The Walk to Eagle Rock, a sacred Native American site on the Yellow Dog Plains, on Sunday, Aug.2, 2009, was a

Over 175 people walk to Eagle Rock, on the Yellow Dog Plains; Photo courtesy Michele Bourdieu
Over 175 people walk to Eagle Rock, on the Yellow Dog Plains; Photo courtesy Michele Bourdieu

community event, bringing together people of at least three, if not more, generations — Native and non-Native — from Michigan, neighboring Great Lakes states and even from the far West.

To read the rest of this article, by Michele Bourdieu, please visit Keweenaw Now.

Pictures From Protect the Earth 2009

Water Ceremony at Eagle RockJerry Burnett: Mole Lake Al gedicks: Wisconsin Resources Protection CouncilLee Sprague: Little River Band of Ottawa IndiansSusan LaFernier: Keweenaw Bay Indian Communityfred Ackley: Mole LakeJessica Koski: Keweenaw Bay Indian CommunityTim DeChristopher: Peaceful Uprising

Protect the Earth 2009: Part One

by Michele Bourdieu

Marquette, Michigan — Last weekend, Aug. 1-2, “Protect the Earth 2009,” the second annual Great Lakes Community Gathering of people opposed to metallic sulfide and uranium mining in the

Utah activist, Tim DeChristopher, presents at Northern Michigan University on August 1
Utah activist, Tim DeChristopher, presents at Northern Michigan University on August 1

Upper Peninsula and nearby Great Lakes states, offered workshops with expert speakers; musical entertainment; Native American dance, drumming and spiritual ceremonies; and a two-mile walk to Eagle Rock. This Native American sacred site is a proposed target of the “Eagle” Project, Kennecott-Rio Tinto’s potential metallic sulfide mine on the Yellow Dog Plains near Marquette.

For the complete article by Michele Bourdieu, please visit Keweenaw Now.

See below for an excellent speech given by Susan LaFernier, Vice Chair of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, at Eagle Rock on August 2.