Event To Be Held Supporting Locked-Out Rio Tinto Borax Workers

Yellow Dog Summer will hold and event on February 15, at 7:00 pm, in the Chapel of Messiah Lutheran Church, located at 305 W. Magnetic St., Marquette, Michigan in support of the roughly 560 workers in the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 30 who were locked out of their jobs at Rio Tinto’s Borax mine, in southern California on January 31.

The event will feature informal speakers, a film showing and refreshments.

“With Rio Tinto trying to slip through the backdoor in our community, we must stand in solidarity with the Borax workers and demand that Rio Tinto finally make good on their claims to respect worker rights and labor laws wherever the company operates,” said Yellow Dog Summer organizer Teresa Bertossi.

The International Mining and Maritime Unions have called for “worldwide solidarity actions” to take place on February 15.  The ILWU Local 30 is supported by the more than 20 million member International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers’ Unions (ICEM), the Maritime Union of Australia, the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union – Mining and Energy division (CFMEU) and a number of other miners’ unions around the world.

In an October 15 support letter the Maritime Union and CFMEU said:

“While our Unions have had a long and bitter experience with Rio Tinto and their anti-union, anti-workforce tactics and policies here in Australia, we continue to be amazed at the way in which multi national corporations like Rio Tinto, demand and expect working men and women to sacrifice hard won conditions of employment in order to prop up already bloated corporate profits.”

Yellow Dog Summer is a citizen-based group focused on protecting the environmental and economic health and vitality of the upper Great Lakes region.

For further information please contact Gabriel Caplett at gcaplett@gmail.com or (906) 226-6649

3 responses to “Event To Be Held Supporting Locked-Out Rio Tinto Borax Workers

  1. I would like to say thanks to all for you for your support. I am one of the 560 that have been locked out by Rio Tinto and i am humbled by all the suport we have recieved from around our great country and the world. I had no idea what kind of company Rio Tinto is until now. They Dont care about anything but the bottom line.
    If ever you need anything from me you have my E-mail address.
    Its time that Rio Tinto is reminded that this is the USA and we do care about our people and our environment.

  2. Dennis Szymialis

    Mining is a unconstitutional taking and a form of terrorism. It takes away the livelyhood of people engaged in tourism, logging, fishing, and agriculture,etc. It poisons peoples food and water. The mere threat of mining stimulates community opposition.
    In Indonesian New Guinea it has stimulated a low level civil war where it has destroyed sustanence level hunting, gathering, and fishing. Mine workers are shot and killed.
    The natives only know that their life sustaining resources are being destoyed and don’t distinguish between workers and the corporation.
    I don’t support union workers who contribute to this type of inhumanity only so that they can have better jobs and get paid more than workers in other segments of the economy.
    We need to stop overlooking the pollution by Clevland Cliffs and their worker’s in Minnesota
    and Michigan and start to hold them accountable.
    We should oppose mining and the injustice that it generates. It shouldn’t matter who profits from the mining, worker’s, or stockholders. Maybe some would consider the Eagle project to be o.k. if it were proposed as a
    non-profit with all money being distributed to
    the employees with Kennicot as a paid consultant/subcontractor. What is the difference? It should’t matter who profits from mining injustice!

  3. I wanted to say Thank You for your Support.
    Wife of 14yr Miner Rio Tinto

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